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Children can be great patients!

We have a special interest in helping your child have a lifetime of good dental health!

Your child's first checkup before the first tooth!

Children are our special patients...

Many dental practices prefer not to treat children or, even worse, may treat them as adults. A child's experiences in a dental office may influence their oral care habits for a lifetime.

As a new mother, Dr. Van Winkle has a special interest in caring for children. Her particular mission is to make sure that parents know that the earlier their child is examined, the better!

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children be regularly examined beginning with the arrival of their first tooth certainly by the age of one year. During the first visit, we will gently examine your child's mouth and gums and acquaint you with proper oral hygiene and preventative measures as well as any special issues.

SouthShoreDDS.com is the website of Dr. Heather Van Winkle and Dr. Walter Homayoon located at 669 Lanson St., Bohemia, NY 11716 in Suffolk County, Long Island. Telephone (631) 567-4584. We provide both routine and advanced dentistry services including non-amalgam fillings, cosmetic dentistry, minor and major restorative dental projects such as crowns and bridges, implant restoration, inlays and onlays, whitening and veneers. Our practice specializes in prosthodontic procedures to replace missing teeth utilizing many treatment possibilities ranging from implants to partial or complete dentures.